Sunday, March 9, 2008

Groomsmen and Dad in Pool

Setting: Backyard reception...around a pool. The Groomsmen let me know in advance that they were going to throw the Groom into the pool. He made it known that he wouldn't go in without a fight, so when the time came, the 4 groomsmen holding him were also being held by him. This meant there was only one way to get him in the pool and sothey all ran and jumped in while holding him! Moments later, the Groom thought it would be fun to make sure everyone in a tux was in the pool, so they cornered the Father of the Groom and started to carry him toward the pool. As they went (rather quickly) the dad tried to save what he could, tossing his watch and wallet to a bystander. He was unable to get his shoes off in time though, and one of my favorite memories is watching him wipe the water from his face and then capturing an image of him standing chest-high in the pool, pouring water out of his shoe.