Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wrong Church!

After booking another online wedding and getting fairly good directions and the name of the church, but not the street address, I found the cathedral-type building on the corner. I set up with the videographer and mariachi band, and waited for the bride to finish getting ready. I was led to a room where another photographer was finishing some bridal photos. Being 2nd photographer wasn't a new experience for me, but this bride didn't know who I was. Turns out the “church on the intersection of street #1 & street #2 was on the other corner...beyond the sports field which was part of the same property, and obscured by trees and bushes. Fortunately, the other wedding hadn't started because the bride was running behind. Unfortunately, the reason was that she had gotten into an accident and totaled her car. She was fine, it just shook up her nerves even more than before.

Lesson Learned: Meet with the Bride & Groom before the wedding.
Lesson Learned #2: confirm location by actual address.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

First post

No time for details...stay tuned for more.