Sunday, April 27, 2008

Window Models

After photographing a wedding at the San Diego Temple, it was lunch time, so we visited a local mall. As we were walking through University Town Center, a tux shop had nothing in the window display, so I asked if we could use the space for a few minutes. Greg & Raela jumped up and posed as a crowd gathered on the outside and I clicked away through the glass. It made for some great shots which had them looking like posed mannequins.

Lesson learned: Always be creative, willing to ask and improvise.


Tobler Bunch said...

I just noticed you got a blog. I like it! It takes time to update it often. Ia m addicted to blogging not facebooking. You are such a talented photographer. I found some old pictures you took of me and Sean Reeder with a group of singles form the Singles Ward we went to. Good times then, but better times now for sure!

Jennifer said...

like your blog!

-Amanda said...

Hi David! I'm an LDS photographer (meaning I am LDS, I don't specialize in LDS weddings-yet)way out here in Indiana (I used to live in CA) and I came upon your blog. I know it's new but I can tell you're gonna have great content. I get tired of seeing blogs with all pictures, no articles. Thanks for posting! OK, now I'm curious though. Can you post some of these window and pool pictures?
Amanda Galloway